A Product of Silence

How this works:

1. Every few months (or so), I choose a passage, quote, poem, photograph, or event to inspire a post that will take me to a new place with my writing (I like funny, but I like writing, too).  I then begin the post by sharing that prompt.  Would you like to join me?  Keep reading...

2. The post itself can be a reaction, a story, a poem, a set of dialogue--anything, really.  I suppose it could even be funny.

3. (The goal is not to eliminate your other writing voices, but to expand them.)

4. Ultimately, this is an exercise, one of discovery and confidence-building. One prompt may be drastically different than the next, as will the posts.

5. There is no time constraint. Take a month, a week, or five minutes to compose.

6. There is no fixed day for this; keeping it open might help to avoid forcing a reaction, I think. I've never liked limitations for this kind of thing. Though, to keep you motivated, I will link to your post if you play along!

7. Sound good?  Want to try?  Join me!  Grab the above button (right click, "save image as") and link back to my "Product of Silence" tab beneath the header to spread the word and let your own readers in on the fun.  You can use the same prompt as I have or choose one of your own.

Don't forget to let me know you've participated. Email me: waitinthevan [at] gmail [dot] com

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