Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Third Annual Summertime Blues Giveaway Is Here!

Okay, this is about let's-not-even-count weeks late, but I'm hoping that the sheer size of this fantastical giveaway will distract you from such impertinent matters. As you will see from years 2011 and 2012, this year's Summertime Blues Giveaway is the best yet, and I'm so excited that one of you lucky bastards (in the USA, ahem) will win all of this stuff.

So I'll just cut to the chase. Here's what's up for the taking. ALL OF IT. (You may want to sit down.)

1. An adorable t-shirt from Mightee Kids.
2. An exciting Zing Toys Prize Pack.
3. Two super awesome Super Hero Secret Pocket Capes from North American Bear Co.
4. A download code for the fun-filled Hullabalu app, Pandora: The Fearless Beribolt.
5. An exquisite tutu and set of fairy wings from Just Pretend Kids.
6. A sweet DVD prize pack from Lionsgate and Cartoon Network.
7. A copy of Henry and the Incredibly Incorrigible, Inconveniently Intelligent Smart Human.
8. A stunning all-wood play castle from Oxybul Toys.
9. A Martha Stewart prize pack including a copy of her book and some extra craft-tastic (sorry) goodies.
10. A delicious delivery of Chobani yogurts for both you and the kids to enjoy.


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1. Mightee Kids is a great company that engages your kids in the act of giving and helping around the globe. My boys have two shirts and they've been great for launching conversations about character-building and how relatively insane it is to, say, argue over WHO TOUCHED WHO, omfg. Plus, as a mom, I happen to think that great t-shirts are half of what makes the world go 'round.

2. Zing Toys are a great, fun company because they make the kind of toys that get your kids out of the damn house, already. My boys, even the agoraphobic/arachnophobic one love to launch and shoot for hours, even in the oppressive Texas heat. This year, Zing Toys has the sweet Air Huntress bow on shelves for all your aspiring Katniss Everdeens out there.

3. North American Bear Co. has a fun selection of toys, dolls, and dress-up attire for kids of all ages. Plus One and T9 each have a Super Hero Secret Pocket Cape, which they've personalized with their own family crests. (No lie, it's heart-squishingly adorable. Plus One even added Siri, my cell phone, to the crest. Which is maybe less adorable than it is a signal that I need to spend some time reevaluating my relationship with my phone.)

4. Hullabalu is a company that just launched the app, Pandora, the Fearless Beribolt. It's an interactive storytelling game that encourages kids to be adventurous and inquisitive and does a great job of balancing my tendencies to tell them to be shut-ins where it is safer and relatively germ-free. My boys love it, and it's nice to have them playing a game that doesn't teach them foul language or how to to con their way out of making the bed.

5. Just Pretend Kids is a company with high-quality dress-up clothing and outfits for boys and girls alike. They sent me their new Watermelon Tutu and Pansy Wings, which I gave to the sweet girl next door, and I was floored by the detail. The tutu was seriously beautiful and the wings...please. It's enough to make me want to try for another kid so I can dress her in glitter and fairy dust. (Almost. Not quite. Definitely not.)

6. Lionsgate and Cartoon Network have the cartoons and movies that keep your children from imploding from boredom during the summer months. Or, hell, year-round for that matter. Up for grabs here are some of my boys' favorites: Power Rangers (yes, they're still on!), The Annoying Orange (sigh, I know), and Care Bears (old skooooool!). Also, Plus One pronounces "Cartoon Network" as "Cartoon Neck-Werd" and it's the cutest thing ever and for that reason alone, I allow him to watch annoying stuff like The Annoying Orange. At least they're up front with it on that one, OYE.

7. Henry and the Incredibly Incorrigible, Inconveniently Intelligent Smart Human is a fun new book from L A Messina. While Plus One is 6, and not yet conquering chapter books with few-to-no pictures, it has been a sweet way for us to break away from picture books at bedtime. I'll read a chapter or so each night and the boys are pretty fascinated with the concept of humans-as-robots, or units. Check out the fun trailer!

8. Oxybul is a toy company based in France, but they're expanding into the US market, and you should probably be excited about that. They boys have tested the Oxybul folding castle and, let me tell you, it's like a luxurious version of Melissa & Doug. I can't wait until all their toys hit the shelves at the local Target.

9. Martha Stewart, the leader of crafts and everything I-wish-I-had-the-patience-to-make, has this new book out, and it's chock full of fun, DOABLE, crafts for you to do with your kids this summer. Seriously, my boys and I made the Popcorn race cars and had a freakin' blast. And I didn't even curse, once! Plus, the winner will also win a surprise mix of crafting supplies to help get things rolling. So fun.

10. Chobani is probably one of my favorite companies these days, and not just because they're fun to work with. We have become a tried-and-true Chobani family at the WitV household. With the latest introduction of Chobani Champions cups and tubes, we're all in on the Greek yogurt phenomenon. And don't even get me started on those new Chobani Flips. OMGGGGG, yum.

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