Thursday, June 6, 2013

Look Ma, I'm on the News! (OMG)

Monday evening, I got some sort of press release in my inbox. It was about a lollipop company in Austin, Texas that was creating breastmilk lollipops for adult consumption. [INTELLECTUAL EYEROLL] Why do I get these press releases? I have no idea. But that's besides the point. Because this is perfect MamaPop material, I wrote a post about it. Here's an excerpt:

I’m not sure if it’s the marketing strategy and how it reminds me of American Apparel-level degradation, the flippant tone of the Lollyphile press release triggering my Feminist Mama Bear, or the fact that breastmilk is now some sort of sexualized, adults-only commodity to be enjoyed alongside the likes of bourbon and habanero tequila, but something about this makes me feel uneasy. Hell, it could even be PTSD from that talk show host who suckled a guest on live TV. Whatever it is, I’m all, DO NOT WANT. Why, though? The million dollar question then is whether this says more about me than it does about some hipster-loving candy company in Texas.

You can read the entire post, "Breastmilk Lollipops Are Now A Thing," at MamaPop.

What's neat is that a reporter from Fox News in Austin stumbled upon my post while researching a story on the owner of Lollyphile, Jason Darling. So we chatted on the phone and then I was on the news.

So here you have it. My television debut. In the form of a photoshopped, ironic bombshell. (If the video doesn't load, click here.)

Oh, dear.

I came off a SMIDGE more granola-y than I'd intended, and I'm not proud of my use of the phrase WILLY-NILLY (OMFG), but it is what it is. I said other things to, that would have evened out my explanation and made me sound BRILLIANT, but they got cut. Such is the biz, amirite? Besides, I've since blocked them from memory in an attempt to protect my fragile ego from humiliation.

Note to self: get professional headshots.