Monday, May 6, 2013

What's Good

This Monday has been rough. This year, so far, has been rough. So I'm going to shift my perspective a bit to avoid rattling of a laundry list of how I bombed my latest interview, how our truck got broken into by some deranged lunatic last night, and my SIL had a massive heart attack this morning.

So here's what's good.

1. T9

T9 has been going to speech therapy and learning to make the S, F, SH, and TH sounds. His latest achievement is mastery of the S sound which means he throws it around with flourish and fanfare whenever possible. Mostly this is when he is apologizing for being jerky to his mother.

"SSSssssssssssssssssssorry, MOM!"

It's sassy and it's ridiculous and I love him to bits, that little punky kid.

2. PlusOne

THIS kid has been on a quest to become the most sports-enthused-and-immersed 6 year-old on the planet and his latest accomplishment has been learning to ride his bike with no training wheels. And by "learning" I mean this:

I left for 30 minutes to run an errand. FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER, I got a text:

Me: Wait, I can't he not using his training wheels?

Him: Nope.

Me: WTF?!

Him: He was ready; he just didn't know it yet.


3. The Husband

He did his second triathlon yesterday and blew away his previous time and we're super proud and NO ONE EVEN THREW A DONUT AT HIM!

4. Texas

The weather has been amazing down here and remarkably tornado free.

And there are capable pest control specialists that will come and toxify your house to kill any scorpions you may encounter. In your bedroom.

5. Kelcey & her uterus

Kelcey, one of my most favorites at The Mouthy Housewives, is having her fifth (OMG FIVE) kid in about a week! We (Marinka, Wendi, Karen, and I) made her a present, but you can join in too. No stripper knowledge required. (What?)

6. Mightee Kids

This is a company that reached out to me a few weeks ago, and I love them to bits which makes no sense because I don't even KNOW-them-know-them, but it is what it is, okay? Besides, you may be crying like me in a moment and pledging your love as well when you see this bit about them from their website:

That is some touching shit right there. Don't act like you're not impressed.

T9, by the way, is thoroughly impressed.

Anyway, what's good with you guys?