Friday, March 1, 2013

February Rewind In Pictures

Can I use the excuse that February is the shortest month for the fact that I didn't actually even POST during that month?

If I may, allow me to show you what this month entailed and maybe you'll have some sympathy/give a damn/refrain from deleting me from your reader.

1. Medical problems AHOY.

My youngest had an allergic reaction to a walnut. So we had to get him tested. Then the doctor heard a murmur. So we had to get him tested. Then he caught a nasty virus and got a couple of antibiotic-resistant ear infections. So we returned him to the hospital for an exchange.

Then my eldest got that same virus and got pneumonia.

My husband and I got the same virus and got a couple of stuffy noses.

I also am aging rapidly and spent a ridiculous amount of time this month doing this


(See above photo.)

I ran my first 5K, you guys. It was super fun and I averaged just under a 10 minute mile, so I'm totally proud of myself even though feelings are weird, especially when I type about them on my blog.

I should also add here that I'm simultaneously unhealthily obsessed with tracking my caloric intake on MyFitnessPal, so it kind of cancels itself out.

I also used the race as an excuse to paint my nails like this.

I'm not proud of *this* specifically, to be clear.

3. Valentine's Day

My husband and I had a date. We did some of this.

I also got really Pinterest-y about VDay this year, and it was a lesson in overkill as my children rejected my festivities and I lost hours of sleep and buckets of patience and self-esteem.

You reject my Red Velvet Heart?! NEVER AGAIN, child.

4. My Mom

She's coming to visit, so I'm making sure the house is disinfected and the like. I'm also getting texts from her such as these because she's on vacation.

They are both the most precious and horrifying texts I've ever received.

5. Soccer

The kids have started soccer again which means I've started counting down the days until soccer ends again.

6. Texas

I, once again, conceded that Texas has some of the most beautiful skies out of any place, ever. (But that's it. That's all I'll give this wretched state. Fucking clouds.)

7. Elsewhere on the Internet

At MamaPop, I:

Make fun of Josh Duhamel, because...well, duh.

Defended Courtney Stodden, for some strange reason.

Made a list of inappropriate children's toys that will haunt you. No, really. I'm not kidding. Probably going to jail.

Made a really cool picture of Ashton Kutcher getting hit by a kid with a fly swatter. Thinking of getting that one framed.

At The Mouthy Housewives, I gave some maybe-not-great advice to a girl in conflict with her family while still living at home and going to college.

So that's my February. Now that it's March, I'm prepping to turn 34 in 8 days. Inbox me for my address and information on my Birthday Wish List.