Friday, December 28, 2012

So Damn Frosty

Hi guys! As you can see, I'm taking an unannounced hiatus of sorts. It's horrible timing, of course, since I have all this great new traffic from Babble (!), but everyone clicks over to see that I haven't posted in months and...what the fuck is this shit about elephants?

But, you see, it's just that I've been so busy hating Christmas and going to the gym and getting really into nail polish and ragging on Pinterest-types and lusting over Lumineers and OMG IT WAS A WHITE CHRISTMAS IN TEXAS...

...and planning a last-minute solo trip to NBNY to see my friends and their babies and, most recently, announcing a cold on Instagram and shopping on Amazon for things like Spanx Leggings and...these boots.

ONLY $25!!1!

(I don't know what's happening to me.)

Whatever this funk is, I'm sure it will pass once the New Year has come and gone. Or once I finally get the Body Pump instructor at the Y to smile at me. Or once I stop obsessing over all-things-essie. Or once I get these Spanx leggings.

But, seriously, won't they look so hot with those boots?!

Maybe when I get back from NY. (Did I mention I'm visiting my Favorite Therapist while I'm there? Heh.)

In the meantime, be sure to find me at MamaPop, where things like deadlines and memes and Lindsay Lohan and Robsten and The Royal Baby keep me inspired to write.

Also: here's a picture of me on my first day of middle school.

It explains so much.

And also: here's this video, which I just discovered today and is my new favorite thing ever.

Here's to 2013, bishes.