Friday, October 5, 2012

Holiday Road, Part 2

Before I allow myself to freak out...myself...about the perils of returning to work, I thought I'd stick with the YAY MONEY theme and run with this CRUISE idea for a bit. And not just because they're sponsoring the post! Though, partially!

Anyway, when we take this hypothetical DREAM VACATION, it will be roughly two years from now, around this time. The boys will be turning 8 and 6 (omfg), and barring any additional children (NO WHAMMY, NO WHAMMY), our options should be relatively wide open. Minus maybe the Bud Light Cruise or something.

So these are the ideas I've come up with so far. Please take them very seriously and vote in the comments section so that I can say to my husband "but the INTERNET SAYS SO" when I am making my case for the winning selection.

1.  Cyprus Holidays

I can hear you already: Cyprus? Who goes to Cyprus for a holiday?! (And why are you speaking in British?!) Well, I'LL TELL YOU WHO: Me. That's who. If our Thomas the Train vacation is the polar opposite of what I'm looking for this time around, then Cyprus is the answer. You guys: THIS FIRST CHOICE WEBSITE SAYS APHRODITE WAS BORN THERE.

Eh? Eh?

2. Tahiti

My husband travels for work (read: HE'S A TOP SECRET MILITARY SPY, if you are my neighbor, Jenni), so he's been to like, EVERYWHERE ON THE PLANET already. This makes it difficult when we are daydreaming about our arthritic retirement days together. For example:

Me: I'd love to go to Hawaii...I know it's cliche, but it's--

Him: Been there. Tourist trap.

Me: Oh. Well, what about the Cayman Islands!? We can pretend we're--

Him: Been there. Lame.

Me: How about Thaila--?

Him: Crowded.

Me: South Amer--?

Him: Buggy.

Me: Morrocc--?

Him: Hot.


But Tahiti, as far as I know, is basically both the most exotic (sounding) place in the world AND a place to which my husband has yet to have traveled.

3. Anything that does not feature Disney or Nickelodeon characters.

Let's get serious here: I'd be happy going on just about any cruise that is not full of adults dressed in styrofoam suits (and maybe let's throw in Kate Gosselin and Rosie O'Donnell for good measure).

And since it *would* be my sister in-law's birthday celebration, I suppose I could let her weigh in on the subject.

(To be continued...)