Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey Girl

Most of you may have seen this already on Twitter or Facebook or The Mouthy Housewives or on the look of disappointment on my husband's face, but for those who haven't: I've been keeping a secret.

His name is Paul Ryan Gosling.

Me and the other Mouthies started a Twitter account a few months back that went viral, and we told our story to New York Magazine this week because Twitter appeared to be posturing to shut us down (despite us not being in violation of any parody rules). (The Houston Chronicle ran the story this morning, and based on the comments, I have not made my fellow Texans proud.)

No one else is saying it outright, but it's pretty clear to everyone in the world that Paul Ryan's campaign was behind this, so it's kind of (absolutely) flattering to know that we're having some impact on the Presidential election. It's also terrifying, if you ask my mother, who is concerned we'll all end up in Guantanamo.

For now, it looks like PRG is in the clear, but I'll sound the battle cry if things change on that front.

In the meantime I don't care who you vote for (seriously), as long as you get your ass to the polls next month.