Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Son, The Swindler

I have some good news and some bad news.

We'll start with the good:

Plus One has had a change of hear regarding Kindergarten! After exactly two and a half weeks of tears and worry and peeling his stubby fingers from around my waist every. single. morning., he now cheerily walks into the school building each morning with nary a whimper to be heard.


But now let's consider the bad news:

Plus One's personal revelation of bravery seems to have coincided with the appearance of a Magic Quarter. On one particularly teary morning, Plus One had a heart-to-heart with Dad & I carted him off to school. Maybe he was extra teary because Dad was headed to California for a few days, or maybe he was just pissed because I wouldn't let him wear his pajamas to school. But for some reason, as we walked toward the building, I reached into my purse to dig around for something--anything--I could send with him so he wouldn't be so sad. Maybe something tangible would help him find some comfort during the day.

What I pulled out was a quarter.

Me: Hey, buddy. What if I gave you this to take with you? It's Mommy's Lucky Quarter. You can borrow it!

Him: [Intrigued] A Lucky Quarter? Why is it lucky?

Me: [Scrambling.] Well, I...uh, was scared once...and I clutched my quarter really tight and, you made me feel brave again.

Him: [Amazed, breathy.] WOW. And I can have it?

Me: Sure thing, champ!

And with that, he marched into class, Lucky Quarter in-hand. When I went to pick him up that afternoon, his teacher pulled me aside.

Her: That quarter you gave him? BRILLIANT.

Me: [Surprised.] Yeah?!

Her: Not a single tear today. Amazing. I told him he can bring it every day and I'll even keep a stash on hand if he happens to lose it!

Me: Awesome!

Later that evening, I did the same. I collected a stash of loose quarters and tossed them in my bag for emergency replacement purposes. Then, suddenly, I thought of Plus One and his blankie. One time, years ago when he was much younger, I tried to give him a replacement blankie while visiting a friend's house and the imposter was swiftly rejected. PANIC. What if Plus One does the same with the quarters?! What if he gets attached to one particular coin?! I'll have to collect only quarters of the same year! With minimal discoloration, nicks, and other deformities! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

The next morning, Plus One and I were walking toward class once again when he reached into his pocket.

Him: OH NO! I forgot my quarter!

Me: [ohshitOhShitOHSHIT] Uhh...well...[digging frantically in my purse]...maybe it fell...

Him: Eh, it's okay, Mom. Why don't you just give me another one?

Me: [Relieved] Great idea! I have a few lucky ones, in fact!

Him: You do?! Maybe you should give me all of them, then. Just in case!

My son is a sweet, honest boy, you guys. But later that afternoon, his teacher let me know that she'd given him another quarter when his disappeared during lunch.

And that's all I have to say about that.


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