Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Just Saying, Divorce Rates Are Gonna Skyrocket This Weekend

Have you heard the buzz about some sort of Facebook bug that is randomly posting private messages to your wall? I'm not really well-equipped at doing "the Facebook" thang, so I kind of ignored the headlines, since most of them seemed to be discrediting the rumor anyway.

But then I was on Facebook this afternoon to help my Mom upload her profile picture (HI MOM) and saw a flurry of posts and shares coming from my friends at Cool Mom Tech. They have confirmed that this Facebook bug is true blue, complete with screen caps.


Now, if you read their post, the ladies at Cool Mom Tech give clear instructions on how to remove your private messages from your Facebook wall. They ALSO say to take screen shots of your messages. Of course, all I did was quickly scan them to make sure they were devoid of private information like phone numbers, addresses, and amateur porn. When I saw that my wall was utterly scandal-free, I simply followed the directions listed at Cool Mom Tech and they permanently disappeared.

(Then I went and checked my husband's wall.)

Yawn. He's clean, too.


This is going to blow the eff up, you guys. As in, THIS kid of shit, all over the web:

And I'm kind of excited. I mean, horrified.

I'm gonna make some popcorn.