Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jesus H. Cook

Scene: Media room, where both boys are playing a round of Lego Star Wars. Shouts of BOOM POP POW TAKE THAT HI-YA come bellowing out of the room every few seconds or so. Mom is in the kitchen making dinner.

T9: [Suddenly] NOOO BRUDDER! I wanted to kill dat duy!

Plus One: [Annoyed.] UGGHHH, T9, you have to tell me BEFORE I kill him.

T9: [Livid. On the verge of tantrum.] NO, I am MAD. I will KILL YOU.

Plus One: T9...(sigh)

T9: [Fueled by revenge, reinvigorated.] YAH. YAH. TAKE DAT.

Plus One: [Resigned.] ...

T9: [Suddenly, excited, joyful.] WOOK, BRUDDER!

Plus One: [Indifferent.] Yeah, I's blinking...I know it means I'm gonna die soon.

T9: [Gleeful.] YAH!

Plus One: [Exasperated.] See? Look. There. I'm dead. I died. I DIED FOR YOU. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!