Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Close Your Eyes, Give Me Your Hand


(Sorry, that has nothing to do with my post. I just have the song stuck in my head.)


I'm going to NYC today to hang out at BlogHer. Are you going? I hope I will see you, and if you see me, I hope you will say hello! Just don't laugh at me when I reply with something along the lines of "Oh! Hey-lo!" because I often combine words when I'm nervous or in overwhelming (read: any) social situations. See also: HIVES.

I also hope you will come to the Come as You Are party that The Mouthy Housewives are co-hosting. There will be FREE SHIT along with other things such as alcohol and photo booths and props and strippers and cotton candy. (Minus the strippers. But let's see where the night takes us.)

If you aren't going to be at BlogHer, then maybe you would like to see this video that I made. It's the one that got me selected for a Voices of the Year award.


Or maybe you're thinking, um, this is a blog, where's your writing? Which...fair enough...but HOW RUDE. Here are some other posts you may like to read.

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Or maybe your name is Mr London Street, in which case you want to destroy my will to live. Regardless, I love you forever. Just like that creepy woman in that children's book.