Thursday, July 5, 2012

Memory Full

With an iPhone, it's easy to forget that I have an actual camera that I can use to  stake pictures. But last night, my memory served me and I took out the old clunker and took it to the fireworks show.

But about five or ten pictures in, the thing started beeping at me. MEMORY FULL.

WTF? This thing was empty...did I forget to upload images from the last time I had this thing out? I started scrolling through.

Okay, there's Grammy's visit....and Plus One's birthday...and...

...what the....?

...why would I take a picture of...

...the hell...?

Waaaaiiiit a second...

I'd recognize that blankie anywhere...

T9. BUSTED. He's not going to make a great criminal, this one.

(Hope you all had a happy 4th!)


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