Friday, July 13, 2012

Is This Thing On?

Whoops! So I totally thought my contest ended today, but it ended WEDNESDAY.


So, without further ado: Allison Musick is the lucky winner! YAY!

Anyway, let's wrap up this week, shall we?


At MamaPop, I wrote about the tragedy surrounding Usher's step-son, and then the tragedy that is the final installment of the Twilight Saga. (Two very different types of tragedies, I should note.)

At The Mouthy Houswives, I had some advice for a girl who is dating a complete IDIOT, but can't manage to see it herself. I made her a flowchart for clarity.

Other than that, I've been sparse around the Interwebs as it is crunch time for BlogHer '12! The Mouthy Housewives are co-hosting the Come As You Are party, and we're totally going insane with the planning, so I hope you'll come that night and see me before I get institutionalized!


So. Friday. Doing anything crazy, kids? I was really hoping to make it to a Blogger meet-up hosted by Brittany Gibbons and Shauna Glenn, but it seems that my babysitters are all busy and the kids don't feel comfortable with that one nice stranger-lady from the grocery store.

So I guess it's just gonna be me, some Ben & Jerry's, and Dateline. ONCE AGAIN.