Monday, July 30, 2012

Gramma's House

I flew with the boys from DFW to HPN yesterday. We left the house at about 5:00AM, flew to Detroit, Michigan, lived through a 3 hour layover, and then took a very bumpy puddle jumper from there to White Plains, New York where we arrived in the pouring rain at about 4:00PM.

There was exactly:

One momentarily missing child.
Three trips to the airplane bathroom with a curious 3-year-old.
One bout of public nudity.
Several instances of public nostril-picking.
One motion sickness scare.
One child sleeping (drooling) on an off-duty pilot.
A handful of faceplants on the moving walkway.
One broken, brand new necklace.
Three cases of travelers constipation.
And one exploded toiletry bag.

But, you know what?

It was totally worth it.