Thursday, April 12, 2012

UFO Update

So, listen.

It's not like I've been exactly obsessing over here, but I'm kind of surprised that something didn't pop up in the news to explain the WEIRD SHIT I saw in the sky on April 1, 2012 over Fort Worth.


Short of joining an alien-watchers message board, I did some digging. And just TWO DAYS after I saw my weird stuff? Weird stuff was recorded over Dallas, Texas.

The good news: I feel *slightly* less crazy, but not by much. Why hasn't the local news contacted me, for crying out loud? HELLO, STAR-TELEGRAM, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.

The bad news: Omg, did you HEAR that guy while he was filming? Is it just me, or does he seem to be getting a little too much pleasure out of seeing small dabs of light in the night sky? "Oh yeah. Gimme some more of that. Yeah, I like that."


I need some sort of Eternal Sunshine brain cleanse to just forget this mess ever happened.