Friday, March 2, 2012

An Update For My Cheating Voters!

Listen, I know this used to be a blog, but I'm having SO MUCH FUN embarrassing myself and bugging the crap out of YOU, that I think I'm just going to turn it into a contest/review site!


No, but SRSLY, I don't know how this Katie chick is doing it, but as far away as I pull from her during the day, she catches up and passes me every night. And right now? I'm only up by six. SIX, PEOPLE! AND THE DEVIL IS SIX!

So, in lieu of a funny story about my youngest entering his HELLACIOUS THREES stage, or the agony of indoctrination as a soccer mom, I'm just going to throw up this here picture of music charts and remind you to PLEASE OMFG VOTE.

And, since I'm being called out by the husband of one of my competitors for CHEATING, let me be clear that I honestly don't even know what the fuck a proxy server IS, mmkay? Also "real people" are the only ones allowed to vote, unfortunately. So if you're not real, you have to stop voting. SORRIES!


In the meantime, remember to cast your vote at the Chrysler Blogger Faceoff page today and all through the weekend! Remember you can vote every 24 hours, so if you're getting the "We already counted your vote" message, just wait a bit and try again!

PS: I guess I missed ONE (out of, like, a hundred) comment that referred to a competitor as a "skank." Let's go forward knowing that this *IS* just a contest, and that I respect everyone I'm running against. I'll delete any comments from this point forward that attack any of the other lovely ladies.