Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So One Day, I Got Kicked Out of this Contest...

You may have noticed that my name is no longer in the running over at the Chrysler Blogger Face-off page. That's because I was disqualified. Or, more specifically, I was campaigned against by another participant, who never gave up until she got her way, and I was kicked out. (I don't like her so much.)

Now, in hindsight, this has been a learning experience. I don't get asked to participate in this type of thing, like, at all, so I think I can take away the fact that, if I do have such an opportunity in the future, I probably shouldn't joke around about bucking the system.


Chrysler was (until the end, when they absolutely started catering to Kristin), very pleasant to work with, and I can *kind of* understand the situation in which they were placed. (Though, when they stopped returning my emails, and instead spent their time CALLING her on the phone, I was absolutely irate.) But, really! No hard feelings on that end!


(Though I may have said I was contacting a lawyer. I actually don't even KNOW a lawyer...unless you count Adam...)

But, Chrysler aside, I'm still annoyed things ended this way. I've been quiet the past few days because I've been angry, and I knew I'd say something I'd regret. But being the bigger person doesn't always mean laying down and taking it, to quote Courtney, "taking it up the tailpipe." So, today you'll here my side of the story, and that will be the end of it. Besides, since you all worked so hard on my behalf, I think you deserve an explanation.

So! These are the reasons why I have some hard feelings for Kristin. Here they are, in handy list form:

1. Her Husband Handles Her Personal Matters

This whole thing started when I was contacted VIA TWITTER, by this chick's husband. He was upset (and rightly so), that someone had called his wife a skank in my comments, and I hadn't addressed it. So, as is customary for human interaction, I addressed it, apologized, and moved along.

Of course, that was not good enough, because OMG I HAD WRONGED THEM, you see.

2. Drama Queen

The fact that she went directly to Twitter, and via her husband no less, leaves me with very little respect for the woman. I have an email, as does Chrysler. This could have all been resolved quietly, and I may have even stepped down willingly, if it had been handled with maturity. Instead, Kristin kept screaming from her megaphone, even when the words coming out of it were total bullshit.

I think the word "drama" is overused on the Internet, but it certainly seems to fit well here, wouldn't you say?

3. Lies, lies, lies (yeah!)

It wasn't until much later that day, after I had to block her husband, that I heard from Kristin (again, via Twitter), and her tweet mentioned the fact that *I* had attacked her...that *I* was the one that called her a skank.

OH, YOU SILLY BILLY, KRISTIN. I actually never called anyone anything. (She later deleted the tweet, but never acknowledged her mistake, and IN FACT...she CONTINUES to tell people that I attacked her.)


4.Conspiracy Theory

Once she aired her grievances on Twitter, Kristin took to her blog with (HAHAHAHA) screen shots of my blog. (I haven't deleted anything, and if you care to see her "evidence," you can browse through my previous Chrysler posts.)

In her poorly written post, Kristin outlined her theory as to exactly HOW I was cheating in this contest. This included the following:

1. I was voting by proxy servers (not with real people), and deliberately keeping my numbers close to second place so it wouldn't look obvious. 

(Yes, really.)

2. There's no way I could have garnered that many votes since I have a small "network." Or, in other words, SHE HAS MORE FOLLOWERS THAN ME. 

(Yes, really.)

3. She wasn't ACCUSING me of anything, so my reaction to the whole thing is proof that I have something to hide.


5. Don't forget to vote for me!

To top it all off, you should know that Kristin's entire post was about the fact that she wanted to be removed from the contest, noting how ridiculous it was that I was campaigning for votes.


OMG Y'ALL, she was totes JAY-KAY, because don't forget to vote for Kristin!


If that's not a tantrum, I'm not sure what is. Perhaps I'll ask my three year-old.



The official reason given for my disqualification can be seen here, in these email excerpts from Ignite Social Media, the PR team (who were mostly wonderful) that worked with Chrysler:

Hi Kristine,

So we have finished reviewing all of the details and have done some additional digging, researching and investigating and unfortunately, you are in violation of our official rules: http://blog.chrysler.com/bloggerfaceoff/rules.html. Per our official rules: "Limit one (1) vote per person, per category, per day. Votes garnered by using multiple email addresses or any other device or artifice to vote multiple times will be disqualified"

In this post: http://www.waitinthevan.com/2012/02/operation-win-all-things-update.html, you state: "If you work in a place with a server, you can probably get around the IP block and vote many times, AND IF SO WHY AM I NOT AHEAD BY A MILLION YET."

And in this post: http://www.waitinthevan.com/2012/02/its-go-time-comrades.html, you tell everyone to vote and then state "repeat this process from as many computers as you can find."
And, after I told him I basically thought they were pandering to Kristin, they had this to say:
I'm sorry you feel this way and I see you've had a horrible Monday so I'm really sorry this added to your bad Monday. I just wanted to follow up to let you know that this in no way a reflection of the conversation between you and Kristin or her husband. We were presented with information and we had to make a decision based on that evidence. It was a really tough decision to make because we really enjoyed your content but we worked with our client on this decision and had to make the appropriate call based on our official rules that go on to state that if an entrant uses any illegal forms to gain voting or entry, that entrant will be disqualified.
I happen to think that the LANGUAGE of the rules sides on my behalf, but I suppose it's petty at this point. (Note that it says the VOTES will be DQed for such behavior, not the contestant! AND! It says nothing about TALKING about cheating...just the ACTION of cheating...)

But, whatever.

(UPDATE: My pal Adam seems to agree with me, and he's outlined the evidence very nicely at his blog.)

My exit from the contest means that I can no longer give away the iPad2, unfortunately...since I didn't win. But I'll still give away the kitschy prize pack, and I still send you all my undying love.

Going forward, I only ask that you don't address this Kristin chick directly, via Twitter or her blog, because she, quite frankly, doesn't deserve the attention. If you believe in poetic justice, then rest assured karma has her in its shitlist. Also: start voting for Shannon Gosney.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support in all of this, guys. It was wonderful to see everyone join in my enthusiasm for this contest, and your kindness after-the-fact has carried me through the bullshit.


And now, onto bigger and better things, eh?