Wednesday, March 14, 2012

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor: A Good Karma Giveaway!

In light of all the negativity swarming the blog for the past week or two, I'm sticking to my word about giving back to my minions proxy servers readers and friends! I feel like it's the online equivalent of burning sage to rid away evil spirits, right? Now, it's not an iPad because I'm giving the one from Ignite to my husband. (He doesn't have a soul anyway, so it works out.)

BUT! I have compiled a bunch of really cool shit thanks to some of YOU. (And my ads. Which helped me buy some stuff, too.) And because I have a few things here, that means that a few of you get to win, instead of just one. And I'm not even going to make you do any crazy shit either. Just leave a comment. Word? Word.

1. Hunger Games t-shirt

 My awesome friend and neighbor has an etsy shop and has donated one of her supersweet Hunger Games shirts to the cause. And you KNOW you want to show up all those chumpy tweens by wearing the shirt TO THE MOVIE on opening day.

2. Kitschy Prize Pack (x 2!)

Remember that prize pack I mentioned last week? WELL I HAVE TWO. As a refresher, this kitschy as-seen-on-TV loot will include one of each of the following:

1. Ped Egg!
2. One Second Needle!
3. Alumawallet!

So two of you will win this magnificent prize and finally be able to wear something other than your UGGS this summer.

3. Blogger Books!

The latest releases from Jenny "The Bloggess" Lawson and Jill "Scary Mommy" Smokler are up for grabs! How? Becuase I will buy them and then mail them to you!


4. Custom Header

The lovely Kate of Blog-Like Couture is really fancy with the graphic design-type things and is offering her services (heh) to create you a shiny, new header for your blog. 

5. Etsy Credit for Revel Handmade

And the wonderful Pamela of The Dayton Time has an etsy shop that she's opening up for our Karmic giveaway. You could win a $25 credit towards any of the items in her shop. And if you don't win, she's still offering a 20% off coupon for her shop if you use the code KristineRocks (natch).

6. An Eden Fantasys $50 Gift Code!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


Get $50 worth of merchandise from the blogger-favorite Eden Fantasys. You can find a variety of items from sex toys (der) and erotica to skincare and makeup. And, if you read my blog, you probably ALSO watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, amirite? WELL. Looks like they've got some of Kandi Buruss' Bedroom Kandi! ME-OW. (Literally OR figuratively!)


So that's it! Leave a comment below. If you have a preference for a specific prize, you can let me know. Otherwise, you can just tell me what kind of pants you're wearing. I may even add some prizes to this over the course of things JUST BECAUSE I'M CRAZY AND UN-PRE-DICTABLE (source: Despicable Me)

I'll pick a winner on Monday! Or thereabouts! Rules are totally flexible and will only be applied to some of you! Sorry! I couldn't help myself!