Monday, March 26, 2012

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife

My husband has joined The Twitter.

Yesterday, he finished a half marathon (show-off) and was asking me some questions about "how this thing works" so he could post some pictures.

Where's it put your drafts? It's saying my tweet didn't...twit.

Wait, so what does this @ sign do?

I don't get it. Hashtag? What's that about? You can make your own? Why would you do that?

And really (truly), the man knows more about computers than my sorry ass probably ever will, so I the moment to test my superiority complex.

It was quickly squashed moments later when he showed me this video. (Which is hilarious and is well past the viral stage...and which is why I'm JUST SEEING IT NOW)

We looked at each other suspiciously when the video ended, both of us recalling the time he tried to explain some part of a car engine to me. Short of building one from scratch before my very eyes, there was simply nothing he could do or say that could get the concept into my head. I just didn't get it.

Him: [Smirking.] Now you know what it feels like, wife.

Me: OH OH OH NO. Notice how the husband in the video is laughing and not even remotely frustrated with his poor, unsuspecting wife? 

Him: [Smirking.] Sooo ... [dramatic pause] if I've walked 3 miles, and it took me a full hour, then how fast was I walking?


Him: [Smirking.]

Me: UGH, fine. I'll play. Three. The answer is three miles per hour. 

Him: If I've driven 40 miles and it took me an hour, how fast was I going.

Me: I think I've had enough.

Him: Okay, FINAL BONUS QUESTION: If the car is going 30 miles per hour and I ran a race in one hour and fifty-eight minutes, but SHOULD HAVE run it in one hour and fifty-two minutes, then how high is this here MOP BUCKET?


Happy Monday, friends!