Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big News!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some of my tweets linking to some blog posts over at's blog.


That's because I was asked to participate in the Chrysler Blogger Face-Off (which unfortunately doesn't involve plastic surgery OR John Travolta, but is super fun nevertheless). Since last week, Chrysler has been publishing posts written by me and four other bloggers. Starting this coming Monday, the 27th (I think...this date is subject to change), you will be able to vote for ME (or another blogger, if you don't value my self-worth and will to live) once a day for like seven days or something. After that, the blogger with the most votes will win a trip to NYC for three days! Since this would be our first chance at a family vacation, I'm--let's say--enthusiastic about my performance.


PLUS!  Because Chrysler is super smart and TOTALLY ONTO YOU, they're also giving me an iPad2 to give away to one of YOU lucky readers if I am the winning blogger!


So! If you want to check it out (MY GOD, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND COMMENT), I have two posts up so far. One is a silly poem about a Cup Holder (written in classic ode form, for realz), and the other is a list of methods to keep kids occupied during a lengthy road trip (in true, WitV, unconventional style).

Here's a taste of today's post:

Ah, road trips! Once epic journeys of self-discovery, wild-abandon, and speeding tickets, they take on a new vision when you have a family on board. Modern electronics and video-systems can make road trips a breeze for both parents and children alike, but maybe you want to switch things up a bit! Or maybe you can’t afford a personal tablet for each of your children, because you’re not made of money for the love of god! Here are some fun new ideas for keeping your kids occupied during your next big adventure.

1. Fun for infants

Dramamine! Haha, just kidding. You’d be smart to just go with a tranquilizer dart. Or a separate vehicle altogether! ConVOY!

2. Fun for toddlers

Toddlers are great because this is the age where they love to learn new things and help mom and dad. Starting around age two or three, my son was especially fond of helping me with the laundry. Why not try, for your next road trip, to bring a basket of laundry? Plop that sucker between the two kids and let them fold away! (Laundry should be clean, preferably, but kids are adaptable.) ...

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Please and thank you!

(And also we need to talk about my latest dream which involved Phil Collins.)