Thursday, December 29, 2011

Somewhere Out There


Things have been busy, as you may have guessed. In the past week or so, my children were all, let's see who can raise their body temperature the HIGHEST (so far, the 3 year old is winning with 104.8), the cat was all MY EYEBALL IS FALLING OUT, baby Jesus was all it's my motherloving birthday, eBay was all SPEND DAYS OBSESSED ABOUT BUYING SOME NEW JEANS!, my husband was all WHO'S BEEN SHOPPING ON EBAY?, houseguests were all omg, is that a ForeverLazy?, and my Dad was all I just found a recording of you singing Somewhere Out There from like 1989!

For real.

Naturally, I'll be spending all my non-existent free time over the next few days turning that cassette-tape-turned-mp3 file of my 4th grade voice into a video for the glory of the Internet.

And if you didn't hear from me about the ForeverLazy, it's because you didn't win. That's how these things work. But I will be having another As Seen On TV giveaway soon, so try not to cry too many tears.

Save those for my Somewhere Out There video.