Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Giveaway: The Forever Lazy

It's Christmas time, kids. The most wonderful time of the year!


Are you going to leave your Christmas-morning surprises in the hands of a spouse? Loved one? Freakin' Santa Claus? Are you going to simply HOPE that this year is magical unlike every other Christmas since THE DAY YOU WERE BORN?! Are you going to simply sit back, passively, and let your heart shrink exponentially in size until you finally lock yourself away in a cave, adopt a lap dog, and start growing green fur?

Fuck no.

You're going to grab Christmas by it's annoying jingle-bell reigns and get yourself what you really want this year: A Forever Lazy.

Blankets are such a drag, and always fall off when you try to answer the door in the nude. Snuggies are no better, leaving your butt cheeks exposed like a cheap hospital suit. But the Forever Lazy? HELL. This thing even has a TRAP DOOR so you don't have to freeze your boobs off when it's time to pee at 2am!

So, forget about that Lexus, that chocolate diamond, and that Orgie Wonderland that T-Mobile has been promising you. Give yourself the ability to be lazy. FOREVER!



You'll get not ONE Forever Lazy, but TWO! That's right, up for grabs is one Pink Forever Lazy in size Medium, and one Grey Forever Lazy in size Large. Each also comes with a matching pair of slipper socks! And did I mention that these things are damn flattering?

Get the mistletoe ready, amirite?!

How to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you'd love to own a Forever Lazy, and to whom you'd give the second set.

2. Tweet about this contest and leave a comment letting me know that you tweeted. If you're lazy (LIKE WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE!) just copy and paste this one: I just entered the best holiday giveaway ever! Win a #ForeverLazy with @waitinthevan! http://bit.ly/rCadol

Contest is open through December 25th. Winner will be announced December 26th. Make sure your comment entry links to your contact information, as you will be notified by email. Winner must respond within 24 hours or an alternate winner will be selected.

Good luck you lazy bastards!