Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Cool Kids

Just the other day, you guys? I went to the gym for the first time in...well, let's just say it's BEEN A WHILE, ok? And the day before that? I DID MY HAIR. (Hairspray and bobby pins and everything!)

Tonight? Tonight I'm going to a Duran Duran concert.

(My new meds must be finally working!)

No, but really. This is major news, kids. Not only will I be out, ON A WEEKNIGHT, like, SOCIALIZING...and...possibly even wearing MAKEUP, but all of this will be happening at night. WAY PAST MY BEDTIME. Oh, and I'll have the lovely Ms Yvonne of Yo Mama's Blog as my sidekick, too.

It's going to be an epic evening, clearly. I even did my nails. My husband says I look like a child.

Clearly it's making me feel a bit nostalgic.

::cue string instruments::

There was a time in my life when music was at the center. I attended concerts weekly and spent many work hours hanging out on message boards for bands (because I'm hella cool, obvs). I even did some music writing and band interviews with groups like Wolfmother, The Editors, and Morningwood.


In fact, one of the first things I did when I met my now-husband was play an excellent compilation of my favorite musicians. When he started signing along (ok, maybe it was just more of a smirk and one of those masculine head nods), I knew it was meant to be. When we went to see The Pixies together, he dropped on his knee to proposed. (Metaphorically.)

::orchestra tosses instruments, rips off clothing, and picks up electric guitars::

Back in high school, I attended my first ever concert with my two best friends. We decided last minute to go see The Cure in Albany, NY at the then-named Knickerbocker arena. And for some reason, our parents consented. (SUCKAHS!) We piled into my parents' Dodge Dynasty and headed north. And promptly got lost due to our excitement levels. (I think the fact that I'd only just started driving also played a role.) I ended up getting off on some exit and stepping into a gas station for directions. I approached the counter, with my Salvation Army vintage duds, my smudged eyeliner, and my tousled hair and the clerk sighed deeply. "Let me guess...the Knick, right?"

I must just give off that I LOVE MUSIC vibe.

::drummer solo::

My next concert was to see Radiohead in NYC, and again, we decided last-minute to attend. As in, I didn't even have any tickets. We took the train into the city, found the Roseland Ballroom and I immediately looked for the sketchiest dude I could find. TARGET LOCK. He was selling them on the street corner for $80 each, and I was STOKED. My two friends, however, were more fiscally responsible and were not loving the idea. So I did what any responsible teenager would do and emptied my bank account to pay for all three of us. Inside, I could barely contain my teenaged emotions and occasionally used the shoulders of the dude in front of us to jump as high as I could.

Because your devotion to a band is measured by your proximity to the ceiling, DUH.


After that night, there were many more concerts that followed: The Counting Crows, Damien Rice, Ben Harper, Wilco, Joseph Arthur, Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright, Live, The Pixies, and like everyone else that I heard of way before you.

So today, I summon my dormant music passion and add Duran Duran to that list. I've already been singing Rio in my head for like two weeks.

::al niente::

Now here's to hoping I don't get lost on my way to the arena.


Wanna see Duran Duran live in your city? Check out their tour dates here.