Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crafttime Retrospective

Sometimes I feel bad that we don't do more arts and crafts in my house. After the guilt accumulates to a tipping point, I run to the craft store and come home with overflowing bags of ceramics, paints, markers, stickers, yarn, and gallons of glue. The boys cheer and we transform the kitchen table into a creative wonderland. After a frenzy of sticky fingers and a snowstorm of glitter, the three of us step back to observe the masterpieces.

At which point I'm reminded why we don't do arts and crafts in this house.

(This was supposed to be turkey cookies. Looks more like a ransom note.)

(This is why we're holding off on getting a puppy.)

(This is me and the husband. I try not to read into my massacred face and its pairing with a jubilant spouse.)

(This is finger paint. Because it begs for clarification.)

(And the pièce de résistance: my son's self-image is a bit..morbid. And acromegaly-ish.)

My husband gets back in a few more weeks. I don't think we'll be making a Welcome Home! sign.