Monday, August 8, 2011

Prequel to my BlogHer Opus

I got back from San Diego roughly five minutes ago, and I have so very much to tell you about all the amazing people I met, the communes I'm going join so I never have to leave them again (I had to stop linking...there were so many), the stress of dealing with microphones, and the magic of the photobooth.

But I'm working on about 3 minutes of sleep and remnants of rage against all things Southwest and Dallas Love Field Airport. So while I huff coffee beans and red bull, I thought you might enjoy watching this video I made with the amazing Mandy of You've Got to be Kidding Me. (Whom I kidnapped and took home with me. She's currently living in my pocket.)

It should be obvious from this video that we took our time at BlogHer very seriously and learned a lot about how to successfully work with brands. Brands like Hillshire Farms.


I suspect I'll be hearing from them very soon.

Note: Seriously: what the hell IS IT about a photobooth that reverts me to age TWELVE?! Because that is some fucking magic right there.