Monday, July 11, 2011

A Cure for the Summertime Blues - A Giveaway

Brace yourselves, kids, because shit is falling off the back of a...van. Heh. What I'm saying is that this here is a giveaway--one of the first at Wait in the Van. (Side note: I realize that there are some people out there that think that giveaways on blogs are silly or stupid, but I don't understand why they'd think such a thing, because HI. FREE STUFF? Anyway, if you ARE one of those people, I'm sorry to have offended your delicate sensibilities, but also, come on already.)

Anyway, I've been planning this giveaway for a few months now, and I'm excited to finally announce the awesome prize pack. At this point, school has been out for, oh, a few weeks, and I'm guessing most of your keep-them-busy-by-any-means-possible-activities have been exhausted, broken, or rejected altogether with an underlying threat of mutiny. If so, then you might start to hear some sort of angelic-singing-type-deal when you see what you can win in my annoying awesome little giveaway. Observe!

1. North American Bear Co. is a Chicago-based toy company that's been operating for over 30 years. They offer a wide selection of not only dolls, bears, and stuffed animals, but also dress-up costumes, portable toy sets, and even a design-your-own monster package. I (or, you know, my kids) personally love their Super Pocket Cape. The back has an area for your kid to design his or her own logo (or, you know, scribble something unidentifiable) and the extra pocket is helpful for imaginary accessories (or that loose change you accidentally left in the kid's field of vision).

The prize offered from NABear is a $75 gift certificate for anything on their website!

2. Next, Zing Toys has some awesome new toys to share with you. First is the Z-Curve Bow, a foam bow and arrow set! Whether your kid is reenacting a scene from Robin Hood or if you've simply delegated to him/her the responsibility of keeping rabbits out of the back yard, this toy will be a hit. Second is the Zing-Shot Launcher, a foam slingshot. Similar to the Z-Curve Bow, this can be used for indoor or outdoor fun, depending on how much china you have in your home.

Up for grabs are the both the Z-Curve Bow and Zing-Shot Launcher, a combined $30 value!

3. Moving right along, the next prize up for grabs is a board game called Jungle Speed. This is allegedly the number one board game in Europe, and it's making it's debut in America this summer. The game is perfect for those nights you're rained in, or for when the cable/internet/video gaming privileges have been revoked for sassy-mouthing, or for if you live in mothergrabbing hot-ass Texas (or, you know, Arizona and such) and you've been advised by a doctor to never step outside for the next month or so because YOU MIGHT DIE. Anyway, the game kind of sounds like the classic card game, WAR, but obviously much cooler because there's a totem pole involved.

The winner will receive a brand-spanking new board game, valued at $20, along with bragging rights for playing something European!

4. Last but not least, fellow blogger Erin (of Blogging is for Dorks) just so happens to be an amazing crocheter. In addition to her great blog, she also has her own website for quirky-cool t-shirts, baby gifts and clothing, and custom crochet orders over at Dork Designs. If you are deemed the winner of this contest, this monster dude will be yours! Until your young child claims it!

Custom, hand-made Mr. Monster Pants will also be yours to snuggle with at night, should you win this contest--a value of $25!

Got all that? To break it all down once more, the winner will receive all of the following:

1. $75 worth of merchandise from North American Bear Co.
2. A Slingshot and a Bow & Arrow from Zing Toys.
3. Jungle Speed board game.
4. One-of-a-kind handmade crochet monster friend made with love by Erin

The total value of this prize pack is $150! WHEEEE!

Now that you're good and excited, here's how to enter.

1. Leave a comment! (While I appreciate you simultaneously telling me how much you love me, this won't actually increase your chance of winning. It will just mean you're my favorite.)

2. For an extra entry, tweet about this contest with the hashtag #summertimebluesgiveaway. I know, the hashtag is stupid-long. So maybe just copy and paste this and quit whining already: I just entered @waitinthevan's #summertimebluesgiveaway and you should, too!

Got all that? Be sure to come back and leave a second comment with a link to your tweet to get the extra entry. I do this less to because I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, and more because I'm lazy.

The contest is open from now until midnight, EST on July 15. The winner will be selected by over the weekend or thereabouts, and notified by email within 48 hours. Also: because I'm mailing out these items directly and am poor, this contest is only open to residents of the US. So if you live in Canadia or somesuch, tell your Aunt Gertrude from Tennessee to enter for you, ok?

PS: If this giveaway doesn't suit your fancy, or if you're whining in the comments because you're Canadian and can't enter, I'll be hosting another at the end of the month for a custom blog redesign. ZOMFGLULZHOWNOWBROWNCOW!