Monday, June 13, 2011

Profile of a Marriage

Scene: Bedroom, snuggling while watching the latest Jennifer Aniston movie fighting over who should get up to turn off the light.

Me: [Noticing something on his ear] What is that?  Did you somehow hair in your ear? [Sticking finger in his ear.]

Him: Stop, wife. [Swatting my hand away.]

Me: [Stifled laughter.] It's fuzzy! You have ear hair!

Him: Yeah. Thanks. And I'm sure it'll get long and dark soon enough. Great.

Me: And I'll make fun of you for looking like an old man.

Him: [Without missing a beat.] And I'll make fun of your mustache.

Me: [Running finger over upper lip dejectedly.]

Him: [Large grin.]

Me: Fine. I'll turn off the damn light.


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Happy damn Monday.