Monday, June 27, 2011

I Would Title This, But There's Something in My Eye

I dropped my mom off at the airport a few hours ago, and I may have cried like a motherloving baby. Even after making her swear that she wouldn't cry in front of the children because they don't need to see us falling apart and just PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN. But I was mostly crying because she was here for like ten freaking days and never even saw a snake or lizard or arma-damn-dillo, and now she'll probably just roll her eyes at me when I call her to lament about how living in Texas is practically like living on the prairie and I might as well just sew myself up a damn bonnet and start lugging around a friggin' shotgun.

But also because she's my mom and I love her.

But shut the fuck up about it already, okay, because YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME START CRYING AGAIN.

Let's talk about Dallas instead! My husband and I went to Dallas and stayed a night at the Hyatt Regency and it was quite swanky and then we ate Mexican and ran into Tony Romo's wife and she looked...blonde...and then we tried to go out to bars, but got tired and went back to the room where a teenaged posse tried to party it up across the hall and I totally turned into that old, sarcastic New Yorker that I've always dreamed of being and told them to kindly shut the fuck up.

And then we came home.

[Dramatic Sigh.] I miss my mom.

The boys are upstairs being all why-are-YOU-sad-you-crybaby but mostly in an imperceptible fashion that only I can detect. They're joyously playing Thomas the Train without even fighting over REMOTE! CONTROL! THOMAS! which is totally blowing their cover and so I think I'll call their bluff and go ask to join them just to prove I'm totally tough and so totally not crying ANYWAY. I'll even be crappy Toby if you OHMYGOD JUST LET ME HUG YOU.

They better not get all NO GIRLS ALLOWED on me. I don't think I can take the rejection.