Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Love Free Stuff & My Kids Love Puppies

(No, we didn't get a dog. It's even BETTER!)

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Listen, the fact of the matter is that my iPhone has saved my butt on more than one occasion. Doctor's office with two year-old and a six year wait? Check. Three day road trip from NY to TX? Check.  DMV? OMG CHECK. And even before my youngest knew how to walk, he knew how to slide open the lock so he could delete all my stuff.

Accidentally, I'm sure.

So when I had the chance to check out this new app, Plus One and T9 came to mind. I try to keep things educational for the boys, but I'm also okay with games that simply don't encourage them to try to kill each other. Or make fart noises. First, I tried it out myself, and it was cute and fun. The directions were kind of overwhelming for this Mensa brain, but you get walked through the steps and it's very straightforward. First you build the dog, choosing your own features, head, body, and color. Then you name it. When you're done, you play with the dog and get it to do neat tricks.

NINJA PUPPY! I'm gonna try to use this to scare my cats.

Your newly created puppy will call you on your phone, become a ninja, and even play baseball. There's also an option to use your camera so that the background of the puppy is whatever is in view of the camera. See? Cute! Fun! (Oh, and free!) Look, here's a video:

However, being a 32 year-old woman, my intellect was soon bored with the puppy and instead I flipped on some Real Housewives of New Jersey and let my kids have a turn playing.

First it was Plus One's turn:

I was worried the building part would be tricky for him (he's 4.5), but he eased through it and had fun trying all the different tricks.

Then he handed it over I pried it out of his hands and gave it to T9:

The building part was a little over his head (he's 2.5), but he was happy to let his brother help. (I know! Crazy!) Once the dog was built, however, he LOVED to play with the puppy and pretty much couldn't stop laughing.

So, yeah, it was a big hit with the boys! I think it's going to be a standard request in the WitV household. The only drawback I see is that, while the app itself is free (YAY! FREE!), you do have to pay to unlock special features. The dog only does about 6 tricks, which is small compared to the 30 total it can do if you pay. The same goes for building the dog. You can unlock additional doggy looks if you upgrade the app. And for me, when it comes to paid apps, I usually fall into the it's-not-worth-the-money-because-I'm-cheap category. In order to get the full 84 features, it will cost you (I was hard to understand clicking through their store) .99 for each upgrade. I think there are three levels, so maybe it's like $3.00 total? Not terrible, I guess.

If you want to see more, they have a facebook page here and they're running a super-secret-but-probably-awesome-or-at-least-I-hope-it-is contest June 13-17.

So, bottom line, the free version is fun enough for me to recommend it to your kids. Because a quietly giggling child is a happy child. And an even happier mother.


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