Friday, June 24, 2011

Big D

So, the husband and I are taking advantage of my mother's presence by checking out Dallas this weekend. Our itinerary includes eating Mexican food, making eye contact, and sleeping past 6:30am.

I left a list of television channels for my mother along with key locations of sedatives, duct tape, and the candy stash. As I read it over, I turned to my husband to see if he had anything to add.

Me: Can you think of anything I should've put on here?

Him: "Don't kill the kids"?

Me: [Scribbles on paper.] Good thinking...

And with that, we're off! Please don't tie up grandma. Or break into the liquor cabinet. Or dress up the cats in Mommy's new BlogHer skirt. (It's sparkly!)


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PS! July is going to be an exciting month here at Wait in the Van. I have some amazing giveaways planned--one for each week of the month--so make sure you're well rested!