Friday, May 27, 2011

Take Two

I don't really know how to say this, so I feel like I should just blurt it out:

Guys, we're commencing potty training with T9.

That's right. My brain and life purpose will once again be consumed with the bodily functions of a young child. I can only promise to do my best in not sharing stories of woe-is-shit or request tips on getting urine off the couch (paper towel?). However, I am still nursing some of my PTSD from the aftermath of PlusOne's potty training days. Because NO ONE TOLD ME SCISSORS WOULD BE INVOLVED. The good news, however, is that we are trying a slightly different approach with the second child. With PlusOne, he never really showed signs that he was into ditching the diaper. Or entering the bathroom. Or making it through the day without a deep-cleansing bath. Because of this, he was roughly 3 or 3.5 before we began, and the whole process took, ohhhhh...12 and a half years.

With T9, things have already been different. I've already kind of dropped the ball. Dude seemed kind of ready to start this gig before he was even two. I, however, was all WHAT THE HELL BOY WONDER and kind of put it off. (See: flashbacks.) Now he's two and a half, and clearly ready to get this party started. So, since my current motherly image is--without question--beyond reproach, it's time to act before I get the pink slip. Now, because of his apparent readiness, I'm going with the every-twenty-minutes-for-three-days system. It's from the Internet, so I'm guessing it'll work instantly and with no hiccups whatsoever. Ahem. We're going to run to the store this morning for underwear, stickers and small toys and then bunker down all weekend and see what I can do.

We tested it a bit last night, and he was surprisingly good at stuffing toilet paper into the bowl, announcing victory, and jumping down to put his underwear back on. On his head.

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I'll check in with you on Monday. If we haven't all been quarantined.