Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Confession

I'm always conflicted about Memorial Day. I hear people wish one another a HAPPY! one, and I sometimes cringe. Okay, fine. I ALWAYS cringe. And then roll my eyes on the inside.

I'm very talented.

My thought process is, why should we be happy about a day dedicated to those who died awful deaths in faraway wars, leaving behind aching families and loved ones? I mean, sure, maybe those people celebrating at the neighborhood barbeque remember that, too. Maybe they are just choosing to remember those lost lives by celebrating them. Maybe they're surrounding themselves with their kids and friends and beer and fattening foods because they CAN.

I used to begrudge them that--the very choice to be happy on a day of mourning--and fill my sphere with ugly-cry-inducing YouTube videos to shame them away from their hot dogs and Budweiser. I was all, LOOK AT ME OVER HERE CRYING AND BEING WAY BETTER THAN YOU. But, that's kind of bullshit, isn't it? That's kind of self-righteous and ignorant and not at all important.

This? This is what's important.

My boys and my husband, a US Marine

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.