Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Briefing

Okay, kids. I just wanted to update you on a few things. And to make it interesting, I'll turn it into a list of TWELVE.

1. Tomorrow is the next installment of A Product of Silence. I think I've only heard back from like one person, so be sure to email me if you plan on participating. Or, just email me when your post is up, and be sure to include a link to your post.  This week, the prompt I will be using is depression, specifically as inspired by a book I'm reading called Half in Love: Surviving the Legacy of Suicide by Linda Gray Sexton. SO. This means you can do a variety of things for your post. You can write a post about depression (fictional or not, about you or someone else...whatever you want) OR write a post that is inspired by a book you've just read.

Sound good?

2. I just entered this giveaway over at April Showers Blog Design, and I'm letting you know about it so you can join in, too. But mostly just because I have to tell you about it. I honestly would rather limit the applicants so that my odds of winning are greater. But I guess you guys are cool enough that I'd be mildly happy for you if you won instead of me. Though, I'd certainly feel like you owe me, like, forever.

Go sign up, won't you?

3. Okay, so those were the only two things I had to tell you, really, so this is where it gets interesting, I suppose.

4. Are you following me (or is it LIKING) me on Facebook? Becuase if you're not, you missed out on a discussion of how a high school acquaintance (who I just ran into at Marshall's recently) has a profile picture of herself DOING IT with her husband. There's glitter involved.

5. I'm checking in on a friend's cat while said friend is holed up in the hospital. This cat is cross-eyed, but I still like him better than my own. Mostly because his shit doesn't smell, but also because he's actually NICE and not completely insane and/or bitchy.  Do you think that if I switch that cat for my two, she'll notice? I mean, I'm guessing she'll be hopped up on meds anyway...

Badass, right?

6. How long do you think I can put off packing my house if we need to be MOVED IN at our Texas residence by the end of June? I'm thinking April. In fact, if I get an injury of some sort, I bet it could be even longer. Maybe it's time to start running again. In traffic.

7. My birthday is March 9. I am telling you this because I'm attention starved and hope you will send me presents. Okay FINE, you can just be nice to me that day. I'm not materialistic. Usually. (Though, I do have a list for reference if you're interested. And email me for my shipping address!)

8. I have a sore throat. Actually, it's more of a scratchy throat, but I'm certain it will BECOME sore, so I'm telling you in advance for sympathy (see #7).

9. Holy shit, I don't think I've had twelve things to say in my ENTIRE life. Blogging is hard, kids.

10. THIS VIDEO? Had me crying last night. I stole it from Becky's (of Steam Me Up, Kid) Facebook page. I showed it to my husband and he was all, "it's not that funny." But we remain married despite this.

11.  Okay, so when I meant that this list would become interesting, I meant BORING.

12. Did I mention the Product of Silence thing yet?


  1. I really want to participate in the product of silence again, I really loved it last time. Been trying to rack my brain to come up with something. Might email you later if I can think of anything. I didn't realize you were moving to Tex-Ass! Whoop! Good luck with the move. Gotta go check out that video now :)

  2. Oh, that baby video! I've probably watched it eighty times. My favorite is the wine glass, hahaha.

    Ryan (my man) also thinks it's 'not that funny'. Huh.

  3. I just sent you a request on Facebook. And you can totally wait until the week before you move to start packing. One time, I waited until the night before a move to begin. I don't recommend that though. It was a hot mess.

  4. Can we take a minute to recognize the genius of the parents/creators of this video. BEST CREATIVE USE OF A BABY GOES TOOOO: THOSE GUYS!!

    I can only hope I will use my motherhood in such productive ways...I mean kids aren't TECHNICALLY good for anything other than entertainment till 5-ish & can start doing chores.

  5. oh my word... they are totally doing it.

  6. i checked out that giveaway thing. people really pay that much for designs to their blog? wow. i personally dislike the flashy stuff, but maybe that's because i have a slow internet connection haha. simple is always best in my opinion.

  7. Your friend's cat's shit doesn't smell? Is it stuffed?
    Thank you for sharing the drunk baby video. I feel like babies always look drunk and so this made my life.

  8. I thought the video was funny.

  9. Funniest baby video EVER. And you're freaking hilarious and I may have a slight girl crush on you. Is it weird that THIS is my first comment on your blog? Great, now I look like a psycho.

  10. Wait, where can I get more information on the product of silence thing? It sounds interesting, but I'd like to know more about it. Either way, count me in.

  11. That video is frickin priceless and overly funny. Also a little bit creepy. But hey, that just adds to the magic.

  12. Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. I'm your newest follower.

    Uh...that video...haha. Oh goodness. Too funny.

  13. I just sent you a request on Facebook. And you can totally wait until the week before you move to start packing. One time, I waited until the night before a move to begin. I don't recommend that though. It was a hot mess.