Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dry Run

Yesterday I decorated some Oswald Cupcakes to practice for Saturday's grand event. The results...let's say...left much to be desired:

Me: Who's this, T9?!

T9: [Confused. Picks nose.]

Me: Who is it, buddy?

T9: [Lightbulb!] PUNKIN!

Me: You think it's a pumpkin, silly?

T9: Yahh.  Scaaaarrrry. [Shivers. No, really.]

Me: [Sigh.] Is it Oswald, kiddo?

T9: [Furrowed brow.] Ah-wald?

Me: Yeah, well. Let's just eat, kid.


Happy Thanksgiving, you turkeys! I'm thankful for all of you that read the stuff I throw down over here. Seriously. Thank you so much. 



  1. I think they look remarkably like Oswalt. You were aiming for Patton Oswalt, right?

  2. I snickered really hard on the part where T9 is confused and picks his nose! I do that too when I don't know quite what the dealio is.

  3. I think they are kinda cute....

  4. hahahahha..such a cutie pie..but good luck.They do look yummy you know, but might as well be my hogging nature...
    not really encouraging is it?
    Happy Thanksgiving...

  5. seriously.. i want to taste that oswald or ohwald... looks yum yum for me...

  6. It's all about taste, unless it's not. Hope you had a super Thanksgiving, and stuff.

  7. Blue frosting! What's the problem? Seriously, it doesn't need to look like anything, blue frosting is the most spectacular desert in the world all by itself....

    Except sometimes if you put too much food coloring in you get bloo poo the next day. That IS scary.

  8. I think those cupcakes are dead ringers for Oswald. You tell those kids they need to get it together and pay attention. And save a cupcake for Uncle Pirate.

  9. Hope you had a nice holiday. Remember, I'm always available to eat culinary disasters. Not that that's a disaster, of course.

  10. Hooray! You went with our suggestion! And those cakes are spot on - Oswald all the way. Feel free to send me all the batches that you don't think turn out right :-)