Monday, September 13, 2010

Contest Winner! (AKA Operation Bury the VLOG)

I interrupt your viewing of me in my pajamas rustling paper LOUDLY to present the winner of the caption contest:

Beta Dad!

There were definitely lots of great entries, so a big thanks to everyone for playing along.  (THANKS.)

I'll be sure to gather up some awesome prizes so that the next time I do this, the fun will only get exponentially larger.  (Sponsors? You listening?)  Now, the rest of you losers lovely readers go over and congratulate him. I don't want to hear any more of this whining and begging for attention in the comments section.  Cat says it makes you sound desperate.  For sex.



  1. was pretty shocking to come here and see my cheesy mug right at the top. Thanks for the fun contest and embarrassing prize!

  2. Beta Dad is hilarious. I'm glad he won. I didn't even enter because I knew Beta Dad would be entering and I knew he'd smoke the competition. You can't really win against dads. Especially when they have twins. That's just what I heard. :)

  3. Excellent entries! I'm still laughing!!
    Off to go and visit Beta Dad.

  4. Oh, yay. Maybe it's not just me. The one and only time that I did a vlog, I couldn't wait to bury it. I felt so exposed. Still kinda want to delete it. Ha.