Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some Points of Interest, Comrades.

Exactly two*, to be precise:

1. One of my favorite bloggers and Compatriots of the Paint (yes, other than NotBenny) is Allie from Hyperbole and a Half. I've been secretly stalking her lately, and guess what?! SHE SECRETLY STALKS BACK.


But really, she gave me a nice honor recently, accompanied by this thoughtful artwork. She told me I didn't have to put it on my blog or anything, but COME ON ALLIE. I'm a MOTHER. That shit is already printed and hanging on my fridge.

*mwah* (Now, come here. You have something on your face.)

2. My other blog has been brought back from the dead! There's hope for me yet, my friends. I put up a new post so wayward mothers would once again have a place to turn for sage advice.

Or you know, for people to go back to posting hateful comments. Either way, remember to check me out over there if you think Painted pictures of innocent, exploited children is funny.





Wrist Brace Update--it now smells like Blue Cheese.


  1. yor blog deserves the awesim button you got. one tiem I was givven an awesome buttin too, for my karrit soup. and a prize of 2 dollirs went with it, so I buyed mor karrits.

    blue bunny, my jannie's bloging manigir.

  2. I hope you really do have that printed and on your fridge

  3. It must be good, IS won't allow that photo to show up!