Monday, February 1, 2010

The End.

Okay, kids. Contest's over.

Miss Chief has won by a landslide. And I'm pretty sure that if I'm ever in her parts of Canada, I will force her to give me a free tattoo. (Please? Okay, FINE. I'll pay you double. Sheesh.)

The lovely Tristachio has come in second, so she wins the autographed kickboxing card thing. And, also? I kind of feel bad because--full disclosure--I was totally going to make her the winner because I thought dying the dog was way crazier. But then I went with the poll thing and she lost. Whoops. So, because of my guilt, I'm sending the post-it notes as well.

And a kid.

And maybe the cats.

(Send me your addresses, ladies!)

And this is for the rest of you for suffering through the awful torment of watching other people win things:

(Thank God this shit is over with. It's way cooler WINNING contests than throwing one.)

We'll be back with scheduled programming shortly. (But maybe more like, not-so-shortly. Because, my computer's broke. And my wrist. Totally unrelated. Mostly.)


  1. WINNER! :)

    Dear Trish. You are definitely crazier. Love, Miss.CHief.

  2. p.s. I don't know how to make tattoos but I bet I could bribe someone to loan me some stuff for an evening if you want to take a chance.

  3. Whatev, I'm still sending you that wax stuffed bunny.

  4. Totally unrelated...Mostly? You know how to write cliff-hanger endings don't you?

  5. The Robert Goulet mask lifted my spirits immeasurably.

  6. aaaaahhhh,..... hahahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks

  7. The Robert Goulet mask lifted my spirits immeasurably.