Thursday, January 21, 2010

UR(ine) my Friend!

Just wanted to let you know that my guest post is up over at NotBenny's:

I'm Not Benny, the plush doll.

Hopefully this doesn't make his blog self-destruct. I have that effect on things. Blogs, mainly. But also casserole dishes.

And since I'm here, let me add a few things:

1. Chuck Norris, The Contest ends Saturday. And I'm pretty sure that will mean that on Saturday, I'll still have no clue who has won, because the two leaders are equal parts crazy and clever. And in equal measure.

I'll probably have you all vote for the winner, is what I'm saying. First place will get that book, second the card, and third...shit. THIRD. Who will get the post-its? Maybe those should go to the Gay Pride Dog.

2. My friend and I are thinking of starting a podcast blog. Namely we want to do this because it gives us a reason to suspect we'll eventually be rich and famous so YES, it's TOTALLY OKAY to buy those designer jeans! But also because it's fun to think of cool websites. (I'm sure the podcasting stuff is cool too, but whatever. Stop micromanaging me.) So if anyone has any ideas for a great name for a site, let me know; I'd love to steal the idea and give you disproportionate thanks and recognition in return. (You can also send me your designer jeans.)

3. It appears as if I've entered the Era of Urine in my parenting.

There is not A DAY that I do not smell, clean, or feel the warmth of the liquid sprinkling upon my favorite socks. And I'm announcing this as a conscientious American, a Public Service Announcement, because--people--it is WAY WORSE than you could possibly imagine.

Whining helps, I've found. But not as well as bleach and duct tape (the latter, when used in conjunction with semi-permanently attaching the child to the nearest toilet while you sob in the bathtub.)


Sadly, for some families, the Era of Urine NEVER ENDS.
Don't be this family, friends.