Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Can't Be Held Responsible for ths Blog

So I know I told you all that I was going to report back about the dildo party, but I was totally KIDDING. Actually, I wasn't at the time. But that's just because I'm an idiot.

But really, the first rule of the dildo club is that NO ONE talks about the dildo club.

Sorry. Not my rules. I believe they're Palahniuk's. Well, him and the nine-month pregnant hostess of the Passion Party.

Instead I'm just going to hum a little tune to distract you from all that other nonsense.

Who? What?

LOOK! Over there!


Whew. That was close.


  1. Hee hee! I've been to them, so I KNOW what goes on!!!!! ;) Hope you had fun and found lots of new things to play with!

  2. I guess I might be okay with this. But probably I will hold it against you until I get distracted.

  3. Yeah, I get it that you can't divulge what happened... but did you buy anything?

  4. I totally wrote about the party I went to. Hope they don't find out. I wasn't aware of the rule...

  5. Ed: That's the plan.

    Jules: Things were certainly, um, found.

    Nikki: What?

    CatLady: A lady never reveals her sex toy purchases.

    OWO: You've just got more balls. Or, wait. Guts? Confidence? OH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.