Friday, October 16, 2009

Shut Up. It IS TOO Funny.

But probably moreso if you're an immature Twilight obsessive such as myself.
Or just 14.

PS: Next week, I'm going to be on The Man Time Show. (Yes, really. No, not on a trampoline.) Stay tuned for details...


  1. Sigh. You're killing me. Killing me.

  2. Lookin' good at the Monster Mash there, Kristine! I'll just be over here waiting in the van until the song is over.

  3. When I first started following your blog, you were anti-Twilight and I liked that about you. Now...::sigh::

  4. NotBenny: I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing in this instance.

    CatLady: Right. Ahem.

    p-huong: Dude, I look back at my blog and think the same thing. Now, I completely suck, sadly.