Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A list:

1. My return to radio via the Internet has been pushed to Thursday. Be very excited and shaky with anticipation. My voice will likely bring you several levels of emotional revelation. Also, my words, thoughts, et cetera.

2. Tonight is Phase One of my presentation. Remember? That research I did while attaining my MASTERDOM a few months back? Right. Well it's granted me immense fame in incredibly small and unimportant circles of academia. Tonight I will undermine ALL of that minute celebrity by erupting in hives as I revisit my phobia of speaking in front of my peers. But don't worry. I've got myself covered. Literally. I bought some turtlenecks. I considered a ski mask, but thought that might be *just* crossing the line.

3. I made it through my training for that online job. There's not much more to say about this. It was kind of anticlimactic. They pretty much were like, "Okay, so we'll let you start working pretty soon." And I was like, "Oh. Okay. That should be nice." But if I remember correctly, there's money involved with work, so that's cool.

4. I dyed my hair yesterday. Or, rather, I paid my hairstylist $100 to dye it for me. A HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS. What? Was I high? Plus it came out a little darker than I'd wanted so now I kind of look like a member of the Munster family. People are probably going to think that I just went ALL OUT for Halloween.


Anyway, keep me in your prayers/chants/nonsensical daydreams tonight. If I get by with minimal stuttering, only a few visual hives, and a vague communication of my research, I'll count it as a success! GO ME!


  1. I am so geeked to hear you on the internet radio.

    You should put a link from your blog to it, because I constantly forget stuff.

    Also, nice do- dreads seem to be the motif of the bloggy world this week. And by bloggy world, I mean this blog and my blog.

    Not at all narcissistic.

    And in closing, good luck on your presentation! Throw t-shirts into the crowd. Crowds love that shit.

  2. Check it out, yo- first, AND second comment.

    All other comments are just coming from poseurs now.

  3. I'm likin' the new look you've got going there!
    You could also fill in for Wednesday Adams with that hair.

    When I was in high school and college I'd get so nervous giving speeches/presentations that my head would start shaking... making me look like a bobble-head doll. Now I'm pretty used to it and don't care. (Perhaps it's the drugs.)

    Anyway, good luck with the presentation!

  4. Kick some ass and take some names tonight, Morticia.

  5. You'll be EXCELLENT! Plus, if things go poorly, just use a creepy voice...you know, to match your hair.

  6. NotBenny: I think it's nailed down to Thursday, 1pm EST. CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE.

    OWO: Sweet! I have poseurs? As a posEUR, I believe you are WAY hotter than a posER.

    CatLady: Yes, fond memories. High school is wear I learned to cover the chest and neck lest the audience see the hepatitis-looking nervous "splotches." Also, I need drugs. Send me some.

    TIM: ::kicks dirt:: Thanks, pal.

    Jules: I was planning on faking a heart attack if things go poorly. Though, if they go poorly, there probably won't be much "faking" about it.

  7. If you get nervous just picture everyone wearing your underwear.

    No wait... okay I might have that wrong, but what the hell. Give it a shot.

  8. It's cool, I totally sport the Munster family look - black hair, pale skin. The guys at my old work started actually started calling me Wednesday. Eh, just put on some red lipstick and go with it. Why the hell not?

  9. Tatty: Sounds like the premise for a porn movie. You might be on to something...

    Harna: After a day's adjustment period, I'm totally feeling it. I'm thinking of joining a Roller Derby team and wearing more leather.

  10. Kick some ass and take some names tonight, Morticia.