Thursday, October 15, 2009

No, I Won't Be Your Bitch, But Thanks for Thinking of Me!

Today I have another guest post. This time it's for Jerrod over at The Yellow Factor. He's trying to create a harem, I believe, and I'll have nothing to do with it. I call your bluff, Sir J-Face. (No, really. He calls himself J-Face. I want nothing to do with this either. I am a RESPECTABLE BLOGGER, Jerrod. For Christ's Sake. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER.)

No, but really, he's a swell pal on one of my first fans. Now that I've gotten to the proverbial top of my blogging career--you think these awards win themselves?!--I like to repay him by remembering to step on him whenever I get a chance.

But the harem? I object on moral grounds. Though, perhaps you'd be interested. I'm not one to judge (out loud).


  1. Oh oh! I want to be the girl with the drum. I'll have to practice my scowl, but hey.

  2. Only if I can be Number One Wife! LOL!!!!
    Great fun post, but believe me, I have had proposals after just chatting to a man for two days by e-mail before!

  3. Pish. Whatever. Myself? I'd be honored to be a member of Jerrod's harem. Even if I'm just playing the role of towel boy.

  4. Then I'll be the one behind Erin with the drum. The one that's looking at the camera like, "Yeah. I'm the favorite, bitch."

  5. Nice water-pipe (bong). I knew your writing had that drug induced tinge. :)