Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure "Cool" is Genetic

My 2.5 year old is about a decade or so too late for the I'm-a-so-so-drawer craze. Kind of takes after his momma, who's stuck in the I'm-a-so-so-writer craze.

But still. Is that not a freaking KILLER "happy face"?! Okay, maybe "killer" isn't the best adjective to describe a "happy face" but I believe I've just covered my writing limitations.

Also, cool hair runs in the family. Good thing the mohawk never goes out of style.

I'll get around to the vacation recap eventually. Or not. There's always that option, too.


  1. Did happy face's eyes get closed over like Neo's mouth in The Matrix?

  2. A Patty LaBelle reference would be pretty fucking lame right about now, right? Ok, just checking.

  3. Maybe your child is just going through a Van Gogh phase.