Friday, August 7, 2009

Yearbook Yourself? Sounds Dirty, But It's Not.

I found this site over at [redacted] yesterday.

Dudes. As you can see, I'm hooked.

It's so. much. fun.

T9, circa 1960

T9, circa 1966

Plus One, circa 1976

Plus One, circa 1978

Aaaand the boys concocting a "sleeping potion" for Momma in science class.

Now I wanna see yours! Post 'em!


PS: I told The Hub about this site and it earned me a "What do you DO all day?"
So that was pretty awesome. Heh.

PPS: Why haven't you entered Trodo McCracken's frigging contest yet, you slacker?! Hurry the hell up. It ends today.


Tractor Tip has been located. He was tagging old railyards with Thomas the Train. Duh. Now he's back with Mater, where he belongs.


  1. Has this only just hit the States? I went through a phase about two or three months back where 80% of my FB friends seemed to have yearbooked profile pictures...

  2. I'm typically about 6 months behind the "cool" phase, so that sounds about right. Thanks for reminding me, champ.

  3. I gave Jason the most awesome mullets ever. But I have to say, the baby faces superimposed is a little disturbing...

  4. I wanted to yearbook myself, but I came to realize there are virtual no photos of my self actually facing the camera right on. Well not in the two folders I attempted to look in.

  5. Your kids need to read this past Tuesday's post about the importance of safety apparel in the lab.

  6. I yearbooked myself a while back and the 1950's picture made me look just like my mom, which was so scary I had to look away!

  7. Your T9 child is freaky looking in that second photo - it's almost like Ted Bundy meets Alf. Awesome.

  8. Why would you ever do "real" work when you could be yearbooking yourself??

  9. Yes, I wonder too, what do you do all day? I mean besides oogle that Twilight fella.