Monday, August 31, 2009

Making Blogs Out of Nothing At All

Once again, I've completely hijacked an idea from a fellow blogger because, well, he's more clever than I am.


What I've done then, aside from the plagiarism, is taken all (well, most) of the pictures I've used with my posts over the last few months and set them to some classic classy music.

But I've also come up with a game to really milk this for as long as possible amuse the masses. Here it goes.

1. Hidden in this stunning montage of my blog-u-mentous accomplishments are (I think) exactly three images that were never posted on my blog.

2. Watch the video. Daydream about how awesome it would be to know me in real life. Click on my Google ads (for the love of God).

3. In the comments tell me which three "are not like the others" by describing them.

4. While this isn't exactly a giveaway, if anyone comes up with the correct three, I'll find something of my children's to reward you with.

See ya.



PS: I'm going away for a week. Leaving Wednesday-ish. If anyone wants to guest post, come up with something utterly hilarious (preferably illustrated) a nd email it to me by Wednesday. I'll schedule any posts I get to be published while I'm gone. I honestly don't care much about what you send (length, etc) since I've given you exactly 5 minutes to come up with something. Or, you could send nothing. Either way. It's not like this isn't your ONLY CHANCE TO MAKE IT BIG or anything. (Really, it isn't. Not even close.)


  1. I LOVED the video but I have no idea what the three are. Oh well. You can give your kids' junk to someone else. Have fun on your getaway!

  2. Awesome! So many great memories. I had my lighter overhead throughout.

  3. Why are the google ads focused on armpits and body odor right now?

  4. Jules: With two young kids, it could be fun or a disaster. At the very least, something to be looked back upon with thoughts of "Wow. We survived that. We're so badass."

    SomeGuy: It ain't no "Dick in the Wind" that's for sure.

    TIM: Probably because I smell. Google is shifty like that. Good news is that you probably smell too, so click.

  5. I plan to go ahead and steal this idea from you, just so you know.

    I'm pretty sure I don't remember seeing the woman's bathroom sign.

    I'm guessing the George Clooney one and the captain crunch are the other two.

  6. NotBenny: I'd be TOTALLY honored if I hadn't stolen it myself first.

    Also, wrong (x3):

    1. Bathroom sign appeared when I told the story about a woman peeing on me in Target.
    2. Clooney appeared when I used images of celebrities without authority and lied about them supporting my blog.
    3. And Captain Crunch was really and truly a headline in my local paper. So I bitched about it, naturally.

  7. ok, so i might have an unfair advantage, but here's my guesses:

    -the one of us when we were 16 and skinny
    -the one with a massive bird and something about a bj
    -and a third one which i couldn't make out because that montage was way too fast for me, but it may or may not have been a cartoon figure with your head paintshopped on top

    but it was fun!!

  8. lana you're wrong, because I remember seeing that pic of you two! I asked kristine what you were listening to if I remember correctly.

    at about 3:00 you see my glorious award I won! The day after I was so pissed about never having awards that I awarded myself an award.

  9. This made me super emotional. I'm all nostalgic over your blog now. It feels like the last night of camp when they do a slide show and you've only been there a week but you cry and cry and cry and hug people you never even talked to the whole time. K.I.T, Kristine. K.I.T.

  10. They do videos like this at my job every quarter. Only instead of awesome blog pics, they show the douche bags at our corporate office that everyone hates. So yeah, your video is way better.

  11. Could you just have your site redirect everyone to my site? I'm kinda lazy...but at the same time I don't want to pass up on my "only chance".

    I believe they call this a "compromise."

  12. Lana: 2/3! But you're totally at an advantage since I pay you to read daily.

    Mr. C: You actually saw that on LANA'S blog when I guest posted. Suckah.

    Steamy: It's a good thing we did that blood-sisters thing and gave each other the HIV because now at least we'll always have that.

    MissY: Thanks?

    Texas: If I had any freaking clue how to do that, I'd consider it. But alas, I do not. Now get writin'.

  13. Why are the google ads focused on armpits and body odor right now?