Saturday, August 29, 2009

I See London! (You Know Where I'm Going With This)

Jules gave me an award which has something to do with Scribbling. While I would be offended to have anyone refer to my painstakingly crafted posts or high-class, high-skilled illustrations as such, I'm pretty sure "scribble" is just the word that kids use these days to refer to things that are "mad awesome."

She's a teacher. She'd know.

The award is pretty and all, but people, it came with a list of rules so ridiculous that I totally rolled my eyes all bitchy-like and thought about how much cooler I am than pretty much everyone in the world. Then I pretended to "read between the lines" and those make-believ-inbetweenlines told me to make up my own rules.

I like to take chances.

SO. Here't goes.

1. Pass this award along to exactly 500 people. (Or you will get cancer.)
2. Post this award on your blog while in your underpants.
3. Link to your most favorite free porn site.
4. Mail me $300.
5. Fart on a cat.

Those seem pretty appropriate for the caliber of this award. Which is to say that this award has just become the most obscene, degrading, and therefore AWESOME-EST thing to have on your blog.

With that, I bestow the honor upon (uh, in order of coolness. HA! KIDDING!):

The Monster Apathy
Little Girl, Big Glasses
You, Me, No Adult Supervision
Libby Logic
Car Dancing

I'm pretty sure I've just made those people the coolest, most annoyed award-recipients in the world. If they even see they've won.

Also, I'm pretty sure the folks over at this "scholastic-scribe" place are totally going to be pissed and strip me of my honors.

But not if have no honor in the first place!


Yeah, so I'm kinda tired.


  1. Whew! I'm pretty f*cking glad I GAVE it to you and don't have to mail you any money. But I do believe YOU now have to mail ME $300. Thanks!!

    And I AM a teacher. I DO know you have mad skills.

  2. Farting on a cat is something I could get behind.

    Behind, heh heh.

  3. I'd say you're creating your own style. I wouldn't call it scribbling so much as Kristining.

    It must be filled with awesome, cause I totally ripped off your style recently, and since I am awesome, it sort of makes sense.

    Furthermore, what the hell is on the top of that kid's head? A spider?

  4. Thanks for the shout out! The check is in the mail. It's a two party, out of state, bad check, but it's in the mail nonetheless...

  5. when i read jules' blog i was all like . . . hahaha, i got the sexy award and kristine got the award with all the crazy rules because i'm mature like that. then you go and pass along your award to me with even crazier rules. dammit. and thank you!!! big loves.