Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time OUT

Soooo, this is kind of a self-imposed stint in the Time Out chair for ol' Mama WitV. This blog feels like it's spiraling into the land of bullshit writing...otherwise known as when I spend hours and hours manipulating photos in Paint and then pretending that translates into quality writing.


Don't get me wrong, I'll never give up my love of the Paint, but having something to go along with it is ultimately my priority here.

Also, I'll be starting a new writing gig that might bring some new visitors to the family-van-waiting-room blog and I want the two to be somewhat mutually reflective of my writing style. Which, at this point, seems one part plagiarism, two parts sleep deprivation, and fifty parts I-don't-give-a-crap.

Which, I do. Give a crap. Really. So I'll be regrouping a bit and trying to come back with shit that won't embarrass me.

(Too much.)


  1. You look like you have dreds in that pic, it's a good look for you. If you try to make everything you write worthy, you will never post anything. Trust me, my other "respectable" blog has like 6 posts. Let the deluge of crap flow forth... we'll weed out the bits of corn.

  2. eagerly awaiting your return...

    with love,

    your mom

  3. That picture makes it look like you have Hobbit feet. Are they all hairy with thick soles? do you have a magical ring that makes you disappear? Is this how you're going to go about doing your reboot? By disappearing and knocking stuff off the shelves to make us think we have ghosts?

  4. I don't know, that equation's worked for me so far. Actually, I know what you mean. I've just been plain lazy for the last few months. I've got to stir things up a bit. Wish I had Paint (or Mac equivalent).

  5. All I can say is that if there weren't a huge variety of fruits and vegetables in the world, my blog would have fizzled out long ago, so I can relate.

    So far all of your stuff makes me laugh, though, so don't change too much.

  6. you make me want to become a better writer.

    eh?? good, huh?

  7. Kim: That's a good point. Crass and good.

    Lana: I'm not really LEAVING leaving. Also, don't get me started on YOUR mom.

    TIM: I do have hobbit feet. That is an undoctored photo, you dick.

    Captain Dumbass: ME TOO. The problem is that I keep posting through the laziness and now I'm just FULL OF SHAME.

    NotBenny: You're my favorite-est. I shan't, just because you've requested it. I SHALL, however, start incorporating "shan't" into more pieces.

    Sally-Sal: BURRRRRN! (Right? I mean, that was a burn, right?)

    Jerrod: So sweet. Perhaps ingenuine, but sweet.

    WAIT A SECOND. Dudes, ingenuine isn't a fucking word?

  8. Obviously you are embarrassed because your paint skills don't make up to my far superior paintskills. See, this is why we are BBFFs'. I keep yoru ego in check while letting mine run rampant.

  9. I was going to sing that song that starts "Don't go changing, trying to please me", not sure what it's called but I think Barry "The Walrus of Lurve" White sang it ... then I realised they were the only lyrics I knew and couldn't be arsed to google it.

    But hopefully you get the gist ...

  10. kind of missing the Van.

    Time IN!

  11. you make me want to become a better writer.

    eh?? good, huh?