Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Projects. Oh, And I Have An Addiction

You may have noticed that little "COMING SOON!" banner screaming at you when you visit my site now. Sorry about the screaming part, but you people just don't pay attention sometimes.

Just so you know what's going on, I've decided to do a little side project (duh...Dust Bunny Project?) in addition to my semi-regular, neurotic, Painting/writing posts. So when you're pissed that I have nothing amazingly witty to crack your shit up with on any given day, you can click on that box over there and there will at least be an updated photo. That is, when I remember to do it.

We'll see how it goes. I'm pretty much thinking it'll gain me instant internet fame. Or just be a big waste of time. But you know how I feel about wasted time, I'm sure. I mean...


Thing is, I started it already and forgot to link to it and, um, tell you...so there's a few shots up already.

CLICK HERE to see what it's all about. And then tell me how witty and amazing I am. And offer me a book deal.


PS: I'm hooked on Twilight. I'm almost done with the first book and am going to knock on my neighbor's door to borrow the next one as soon as I finish. Which might be at 2am. She won't mind, right? Also, is that movie's out on DVD yet? TELL ME IT IS, RIGHT?


  1. ....but I don't waaaant to lose you to Twilight! please come back... please?

  2. The movie sucks. Well, the books suck too...but not in the same way.

    I read all the books in four days, but couldn't even sit through the movie.

    I guess it's ok to read about teenagers kissing without getting grossed out, but watching them is a whole different story?

  3. I like where this series is going, being an accomplished Dust Bunny breeder myself.

  4. Book 2 sucked. But Books 3 and 4 get good again. And the movie isn't as good as the book. But oh well.

  5. Jerrod: Sharing is caring, dude.

    erin: Um, I just said I liked it, and you tell me it sucks. Are you trying to win friends and influence people? Becuase YOU'RE GREAT AT IT.

    Some Guy: I knew I could count on you to appreciate my, um, art!

    Jules: Listen, I was picturing this Pattinson dude the whole time I read, and seeing him SPARKLE like a unicorn on the screen will now make my dreams come true. I'll just listen with the sound off.

  6. i'm a newbie and so glad i found you. love your dust bunnies and will forgive you for reading the twilight series. i tried to show you a little love with an award on my site.

  7. I too am a dust bunny breeder and I must say, you've capture their true essence in your art!
    On another note, I have to admit that I've read all four books. #2 isn't pretty...fair warning. Yes the movie is out on DVD already. eh. I'm keeping your unicorn reference in mind for next time someone brings up the sparkling vampire bit...good stuff.

  8. I found your site a few days ago and thought you were pretty cool...then this post says you're hooked on Twilight.

    Cool kids punch people in the face if they're hooked on Twilight. So, maybe if you promise to punch yourself, I'll keep reading your blog.

  9. MD: Thanks for forgiving me it. :/ And for the award! :)

    Rita: Much appreciated, dear Rita. True artists like ourselves can see such things. I'm totally getting the movie tonight.

    Texas: You lost me at "thought you were pretty cool" champ. Sorry you miscalculated. I won't punch myself because I have this fear about my wrists falling off. I am, however ashamed. Does that count?

  10. That's not a bad idea for a photo project. Maybe I'll do something like that, except it will be more pics of me running from bees, or falling over and what not and such and ballyhoo.

    What is up with this whole Twilight business anyway? Is Harry Potter over now?

  11. yea I can't convince my wife to punch herself in the face either...ah well...maybe there's a support group for husbands who's wives obsess over Edward

  12. NotBenny: Right? I mean, since I thought of it, it's bound to be pretty stellar. I would love to see yours, however. They might be stellar PLUS a sparkling unicorn! As for Twilight, it's really just for pre-teen girls. And creepy old women like myself.


    Texas: My husband will totally join. I have to sneak my reading time like an alcoholic in the basement. Sad, really.

  13. I still have some of my old books from college - I'll give you a pretty good deal on em.

    Wow - that was just a horrible joke.

  14. If I was a publisher, I'd totally offer you a book deal. But I don't even have a job. Sorry.

  15. Narm: You came! To insult me! At least it was a mediocre insult. (Big fan.)

    Capt'n: You bastard. Always thinking of yourself.

  16. I can't believe you got sucked into the Twilight book! I seriously feel like it's taking over the world. Who's suppose to stand up against it with me???