Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Think I Can Say "I Freelance" Now

I did it. I totally guest blogged. Okay, so I kind of guest blogged. It was more like a supervised meet up wherein there was a rather large grouping of us and we just started throwing words at each other. And then someone accidentally hit PUBLISH POST.

So head over to Who's More Awesome. It's the face-off of the millenium AND it doesn't involve Nicholas Cage! Seriously, it's time to see Men battle it out with Women for ultimate title of awesomeness. Walter has it all planned out and fancy-like, so just go over there and read so I can stop floundering at an attempt for explanation. And skip to the part where it says "FIGHTING" read all of it. Then you can tell me the funniest part. Choose (Fighting) carefully.

I mean, NO. This isn't a competition, it's a community. We're all very funny, I'm sure. And it was FUN! AHAhaha. heh.


  1. Hands down, Mike Moore ethering She-Ra was the funniest fucken thing ever!

  2. I want to know how you get a gig like that. I mean, do you just have to know the right bloggers? Is it another popularity contest? How do you judge these things? Surely it's not based on the quality of said bloggers writing. That would be absurd.

  3. Funny. Moore was almost as annoying as he is in real life too. Quality.

  4. Frankenfinger: Keep 'em coming. Want to move to NY? You and the wife can live in our guest room and flatter me all day long. And I'll only charge you $1000 for rent.

    HHH: I'm pretty much in demand dude. I was born into it, so it's hard for me to gain any perspective. OR, someone just posted and I was all begging-like, "MEMEME! I'LL DO IT! PICKMEPICKME!"

    Mo: I can't stand that man.

  5. Thanks again for doing this.
    And for Hardly, there was a five teired interview process involving logic puzzles, quantum mechanics, hockey with Wayne Gretsky, and a strip tease among other things. Kristine passed, but it took her years of training to get there.
    Actually, I just asked for some geust bloggers and she volunteered, and then basically owned the competition with an intensely badass post.

  6. frankenfinger stole my funny, but i'm glad someone said it. genius!

  7. I'm never sharing a guest blog with you again. I'm all "chess blah blah blah single mindeness blah blah blah" and you're all "I'm going to have Michael Moore sexually harass She-Ra". Pah.
    I mean, brilliant, but pah.

  8. You're right: you could totally use your mean...your outwit me.

  9. Walter: Next time, maybe I'll consider condensing a bit? What? What do you mean there won't be a next time!?

    Lana: Thanks, bestie.

    Anna: I know, I'm a total showoff. I'm ashamed. (But tell me I'm brilliant one more time.)

    TIM: Don't be so sure.

  10. A thousand dollars is a very sweet and generous offer, but?
    We have two sever and profoundly Autistic teenagers and a 200lb dog. I think if the Landlady and I stood over you with big palm leaf fans singing in a Gregorian Benedictine style chant about your GOD like bloging prowess, it would still not tip the scale in your favor.


    All that aside, you're AWESOME, and I wouldn't be bothered to blog if it wasn't for Wait In The VAN and Steam Me Up Kid.
    Keep up the great work!

  11. You're right: you could totally use your mean...your outwit me.

  12. frankenfinger stole my funny, but i'm glad someone said it. genius!